how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

  • 3 Tips To Make Your Child's First Movie Experience A Success

    Even though film buffs have many ways to watch a movie at home these days, there's something special about sitting in a darkened theater, surrounded by others, watching a movie on the big screen. If you're a parent, you'll eventually want to share this special experience with your child. But without a little planning and preparation, your child's first movie experience may not go the way that you wanted it to.

  • Stage Fright Is No Laughing Matter: How To Stop Fear From Ruining Your Stand-Up Routine

    Stand-up comedy isn't about the technique, it's about the delivery. Unfortunately, stage fright can interfere with the delivery, no matter how good your material is. If you've decided to enter the field of stand-up comedy, and stage fright is getting in your way, don't give up on your dream. There are things you can do that will help get those feelings of fright under control. Here are five simple techniques you can use to regain control, and overcome the fear that's keeping you from showing the world just how funny you are.

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how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

Do you have kids that are becoming interested in going to the movies? Do you worry that you will pay for admission for you and your kids and a few minutes into the movie realize that the movie is a little racy for your kids? I have done this in the past and it really breaks my heart when I have to pull the kids out of the theater because I don't like the language, the violence level and the amount of skin being shown, so I have begun researching ways to decide what movies are appropriate for kids of all ages. My blog explains it all, so you can avoid the uncomfortable situation of removing your kids from a theater.