how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

Stage Fright Is No Laughing Matter: How To Stop Fear From Ruining Your Stand-Up Routine

by Onni Kemppainen

Stand-up comedy isn't about the technique, it's about the delivery. Unfortunately, stage fright can interfere with the delivery, no matter how good your material is. If you've decided to enter the field of stand-up comedy, and stage fright is getting in your way, don't give up on your dream. There are things you can do that will help get those feelings of fright under control. Here are five simple techniques you can use to regain control, and overcome the fear that's keeping you from showing the world just how funny you are.

Learn from the Masters

If you're an up-and-coming stand-up comedian, one of the best ways to overcome stage fright is to learn from the masters. Spend some time watching documentaries about some of your favorite stand-up comedians. Listen to the ways that they've overcome their own personal struggles as they rose to the top of the industry. You can use the information you learn from them to overcome your own struggles, including stage fright. If you're looking for a stand up comedy documentary to start with, check out Cooperstown Properties, LLC

Stay Away from Caffeine Before the Show

If you're a big caffeine drinker, you've got to put it down before the show. Saying yes to that pre-show coffee, tea, or caffeinated beverage is going to speed up your anxiety levels and throw you into a raging case of stage fright. To keep your fright to a minimum, say no to the pre-show caffeinated beverage and reach for an herbal tea instead. The herbal tea will calm your nerves so you can get on with the show.

Give Yourself a Time Limit

If anxiety and stage fright consume you right before a performance, give yourself a time limit. Allow yourself a designated amount of time to deal with the feelings you're experiencing. Once you reach that time limit, walk away, and brush those feelings off. One way to keep track of your time limit is to set a timer. Your mind and body will get used to the time limit, and you'll soon find yourself able to walk away from the fears that are hindering your performances.

Get Your Blood Pumping

One of the problems with stage fright is that it gets rid of all the feel-good hormones that keep anxiety away. Boost your feel-good hormones by spending a few minutes getting your blood pumping before you hit the stage. Go for a quick walk, or do a few push-ups before your show. The boost of endorphins will help you push through the fear.

Find a Quiet Place to Unwind

If listening to the other comedians is causing you additional anxiety, and feeding your stage fright, find a quiet place to unwind before your show. Meditation can help soothe your fears so you can give your best performance.

Don't let stage fright get in the way of your act. Use the tips provided here so you can keep your audience laughing. 


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how to decide if a movie is safe for kids

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